Diving into the Indie Book Market Face First

I am sick and ecstatic today, all at the same time.

What that looks like is I woke up at 4am coughing and singing Bruno Mars. I hacked and shimmied all the way to my jeep as I headed into the office at 5am. “Make a dragon want to retire, man.”

A little over a month ago I decided to take the plunge into self-publishing with no idea what that would look like. But, having written my whole life, had critique groups, professional editors, and a year of rejections… I knew it was time, time to just put it out there.

Ten days ago, with the help of Derek Murphy at CreativIndie, the first half of my YA urban fiction novel, Sanctuary, was posted to Instafreebie. I stared at my mailchimp list as my 20-30 of my friends and family downloaded the book. Honestly, I was kind of cringing because, well, pretty sure my cowboy brother-in-law is not my market and he’d hate the book.

But, then, something wonderful happened. I began networking with other indie authors and sharing their novels and watching them share mine and, about one hour ago…

Sanctuary hit 1,000 downloads!

And the number keeps going up!

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded my YA Debut Novel!

It is hard to contain my gratitude today and I wanted to give a big shout out to everyone who has shown interest in Sanctuary and downloaded it (here). As someone who has mostly been writing in the closet my entire life, it is shocking that as of this moment more than 1,000 people have the capability of reading one of my books.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

With particular gratitude to the 1,000th person who downloaded Sanctuary, I have just sent them a personal email and will be sending them a signed copy of the softbound book when it comes out.

Then I went back to dancing.

YA author with readers

This is what I look like knowing 1,000+ people may be reading my book!