My Awesomest Author Year Yet!

I love January. After November, my birthday month, it’s my favorite month of the year. The excitement and slow days of December – the quiet time with family – are gone and we get one long month to set ourselves up for success in the new year. In my case, this means: prepare and deliver on my publishing goals.

One thing I do on January 2nd is I delete all my personal and business emails that I received since December 23. I do this because the end of the year is family time for me. That time is focused on my children, my husband, and extended family. They are the most important thing in my life. However, this year was a little different, because as a debut author I suddenly had a super important new email address… my author email address. So, I did check that and thought about how to set publishing goals to meet the voracious appetites of the readers. (BTW, that email address is melle (a) and you are more than welcome to email me there.)

Out of the Writer’s Closet

When 2016 started I had not intended to self-publish. I queried agents for 7 months of last year. Once I decided to self-publish it felt like an avalanche. All the books I’ve been working on (“writing in the closet”) well, I’m using some to set my publishing goals. They’ll start seeing the light of day this year.

I still have a lot to learn in self-publishing, but fortunately, there’s wonderful help available from the author community. Even though my publishing goals are big, I wanted to put them out there. That way, you can hold me accountable or cheer me on or yell at me if you see me online and tell me to get back to writing! 😉

Alright, here’s the list (gulp) of my 2017 publishing goals


  • Remnants, Shifter Chronicles Book 2
  • The Bleeding, Shifter Chronicles Prequel – Short Story


  • The Ending, Shifter Chronicles Prequel – Short Story


  • Forever Fated, Domani Cycle Book 1


  • The Craziest Coolest Science Fiction Novel Ever Written (JK about title, no idea what it is yet, but I’ll be co-writing with the amazing Michael D. Trozzo)


  • Shifter Chronicles Book 3

That’s the short list of the main novels. Two of these works are already at the editors, Forever Fated is already drafted and due to the editor early February. I’ll be posting a more about each project as I progress. Much of my work centers around the world of the Shifter Chronicles, but span different places or time periods. If you have any questions please ask below.

Publishing has changed my life. I’m so grateful for those of you who read my work in 2016. Now, I’m excited to write not only for myself, but for the enjoyment of those who read my work.

Thank you for reading! =)

By the way, if you have read Sanctuary, Shifter Chronicles Book 1, and would like to do that before Remnants is released, you can grab it from Amazon.