Last Friday I completed The Ending and submitted it to the publisher! It’s the first short story attached to the bestselling Shifter Chronicles series and is a prelude to Sanctuary.

Last year, around the time I published Sanctuary, I was approached to be part of a charity anthology. When I heard that it was for Lift 4 Autism, Authors in Action for Autism, I jumped at the chance. My 20-year-old nephew, Nic, has autism and though he’s high-functioning, there are so many challenges faced by my sister. Nic is amazing. His favorite things are My Little Pony and PAW Patrol, which means he gets along great with my 5-year-old daughter. He’s fantastic at playing with children, well most kids. He and my six-year-old son don’t always get along. I think they might have a little too much in common, like wanting everything their way. lol

Having an autistic member of our family means our family gatherings have to be sensitive to loud noises, surprising people, and even sleeping arrangements. We often moderate environment to make things a little easier for Nic. He is such a blessing to our family and such a sweet young man. Even though he will always remain a child in many ways and will always live with my sister, he is such an important member of our family teaching us to be considerate of others and warming our hearts with his warm smile.