• Nefertiti
  • Mana Americana
  • Superfast
  • Fort Bragg
  • Rainbird


  • Jabegulli – Performed at the Sydney Opera House
  • Uluru –
  • Kakak Adik
  • Cage
  • Purring


  • Mulgu (Black Swan) – Developed with aid from Opera Australia


Firewalker, 2005
Co-Writer / Director / Producer
24p short film. An isolated, abused girl finds friendship and acceptance on a Pomo Indian Reservation, which allows her to open up and face her greatest fears.

Francis Norm, 2004
Writer / Director / Producer
24p short film. A woman in love with an alcoholic desperately struggles to free herself from the illicit relationship without destroying herself or the man she loves.

Coke and Cable, 2003
Writer / Director / Producer
16mm short film. A hardworking Vietnamese restaurant owner tries to connect with the cable-loving, repressed customer who frequents her restaurant.

Coffee with Mama, 2003
Writer / Director / Producer
16mm short film. A woman returns to her childhood home to make amends with her family, only to discover the actions of her past have created irreparable damage.

Burqa, 2003
Director / Producer
16mm short film. A tragic story about an Afghani girl who kills her Taliban brother in order to save her sister from being unfairly executed.

It Depends, 2001
Writer / Director / Cinematographer
16mm MOS b/w short film. A self-conscious young man learns to live with his incontinence through the help of a diaper-wearing, basketball playing support group.

Breathe, 2001
Writer / Director / Producer / Actor
DV short film. A drama about an impotent man who must find the courage to tell his wife before she leaves him.

For the Love of God, 2001
DV short film. A young boy learns the art of betting and considers gambling his Easter church offering.


Meredith MacRae Scholarship 2003 – Women in Film
Student Filmmaker Program,Cannes Film Festival 2003 – Kodak