Brand New Fantasy Series with Shifters, Soulmates and Time-traveling to Medieval Italy in Gypsies After Dark Box Set


Love didn’t break her heart… a curse shattered it.


For as long as she can remember Constance has had an aching heart. A gnawing pain that something precious was missing from her life; something irreplaceable and completely lost to her. Until she met Marcello, the quick-witted Italian with gypsy roots and a scientist’s mind, who binds her heart with a single look from his pale green eyes.
But after years of hits and misses she’s given up on him and all romance. An unexpected trip to his village in the Italian countryside, throws her back in his path. What’s left of her heart quickly unravels in the dark woven spells of the ancient Domani who ensnare Marcello in his beastly form and throw Constance into the medieval ages. Trapped a world away she relives their destructive past relationship and uncovers the curse that travels with them through time; a curse she must break if she is ever to find him and her own heart again.
Forever Fated
Dark Evermore
Torn Asunder
Heart’s Core

~Epitaph on a Domani tombstone

Set in the same world as the bestselling Shifter Chronicle series, the Domani Curse is a paranormal romance for fans of shifters, Italy and historical romance.



Releasing June 20th

Available Exclusively in the Gypsies After Dark box Set

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Gypsies After Dark Media Hop

J.A. Culican

Over the next month the Gypsies After Dark authors and I will be sharing bits and pieces about our books to celebrate it’s upcoming launch.

I’m SUPER excited to introduce you to the amazing JA Culican, who is the USA Today Bestselling author of The Keeper of Dragons series.

She’ll be launching a brand new series in this box set also!

You can check her out on Facebook page here: