Be Immortalized as a Shifter in my Next Book!

Be Immortalized as a Shifter in my Next Book!

Picture yourself as a character in a YA Dark Urban Fantasy!

We love to read and escape into a fantasy world… fall into characters lives and emotions; live out their trials and passions with them. But, what if you actually could be one of those characters? What if you could be in a book? Well, now you can be!

There are multiple ways to gain multiple entries in the competition.

  • 1 entry – Download Sanctuary Part 1 (free on Instafreebie) (If you have done this and have not unsubscribed, you automatically have one entry.)
  • 1 entry – Click the link below, answer the question, and enter your email address.
  • 3 entries per referral – After entering for yourself, you will be shown a page where you can share this giveaway across multiple platforms. You will get 3 more entries for every friend you refer.


I can’t wait to see who wins this giveaway and who my new character will be!
 Thank you so much for being part of the Shifter Chronicles story.


  1. I have questions about the insert character. Will the winner have any input into the development of this character at all?

    • Melle Amade says:

      Hi Giselle – I’d be totally happy if the winner wants to send me more about themselves. I love quirks and personalities, so it’d be great to hear thoughts around that. The three items I’m committing to the book are: winner’s name, bad/good, and I will chose 1 of 2 species that the winner choses. But, I love to engage with readers, so I’m open to a conversation. =)

  2. Anthea Hartley says:

    Hi Melle. Thank you for this unique chance of being in one of books.

  3. Debrah Price says:

    I just love the new talent you have brought to the world of Indy and would be honored to be in any of your books. You are the first author that has this innovative idea that includes a reader as a character and I am sure other authors will follow your example.

    • Melle Amade says:

      Thank you, Debrah! You are so sweet to take the time to tell me how Sanctuary was for you. I really appreciate it. You know, George RR Martin had the idea and used it to raise $40,000 to protect wildlife. I don’t have that kind of pull yet, but I thought it would be a nice way to show fans how much I appreciate their support.

  4. Amanda Chullin says:

    what if I just want to be one type of animal? Could I just tell you what I want to be and leave the second pick up to you? I love animals, all kinds, but the one animal I feel a total connection with is the one I have tattooed on my left forearm. :9)
    Will tell you when/if I win!

    • Melle Amade says:

      Hi Amanda –
      Ohhhhh… Now I want to know what you have tattooed on your arm. My tattoo is also an animal. =)
      The character will only be a single animal shifter. The reason why I asked for two different animal types (one from Sanctuary) is because I want to make sure the animal can easily be integrated into the Shifter Chronicles world. For example, if someone gave me a whale or a hippopotamus or a puffin or a dragon, then I would have to reshape part of the world to accommodate. The reader’s character should integrate seamlessly into the story and make an impact without it being a “Who stuck the walrus in the forest?!” challenge. lol My absolute goal is to use the reader’s preferred animal of choice, but in case it isn’t possible, I need a fall back position. =)

  5. Hey Adele,
    This is a fun contest. I have 2 animals to chose from. It will be interesting to see how either would be used and if I could some of my personality into a character, it would so fun.
    Thanks for the chance to enter!!!

  6. Hi Amanda,
    A riddle.
    I carry it with me where every I go
    But I wasnt born with it
    The answer will be given if I win.

    Thanks for the opportunity. Cherie

  7. Erin Sheets says:

    This is such a neat opportunity!!! Thanks so much!! ❤❤❤

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