Dark Urban Fantasy Giveaway from The YA Bookshelf

The YA Bookshelf community is close to my heart and you can specifically credit Derek Murphy (who I secretly call ‘the Castle Guy’) with giving me the kick in the posterior to get my work out in the world. To celebrate the release of the Fallen movie, The YA Bookshelf has a book giveaway that includes 28 amazing dark fantasy and supernatural thrillers (including Sanctuary), a feather bracelet and a pair of black wings – just in time for Halloween! Take a look and sign up for the giveaway. =)

Fallen Movie Dark Fantasy Giveaway

A New Dawn by Jae Vogel Giveaway

Free Download – A New Dawn by Jae Vogel

My friend, Jae Vogel, is offering her fantasy book, A New Dawn, on Instafreebie right now. A New Dawn is the story of the struggling Aurora Potier who’s stuck in the seemingly endless “work/sleep/repeat” cycle. But, when her exhausting routine is unexpectedly tripped up by violent complications, she finds there’s much more to her life than she realized, and more to the father who abandon her when she was a baby. She’s about to have the most unpredictable day of her life; what a time to be wearing heels!

Collection of Urban Fantasy Books Instafreebie Giveaway

From October 10 – 16, prolific author Roz Marshall, is hosting an Instafreebie book giveaway, which includes Sanctuary, on her website. Books can be quickly sorted by genre, so you can easily get to your favorite genre.

Roz Marshall Urban Fantasy Book Giveaway

Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Giveaway

Dean F. Wilson, science fiction author of the Iron War series, is hosting a Science Fiction & Fantasy free book giveaway from October 12-18. All the links are live, already, so feel free to sneak in and get some books early! As you might have guessed, Sanctuary is in there, too. =)

Instafreebie Fantasy Book Giveaways