Companions to the Best Selling YA Dark Urban Fantasy Series, Shifter Chronicles

A companion series to the Shifter Chronicles, the Quest for Shifter Magic novellas take place a generation early as the young shifters search for meaning and magic in their feudal world.

IRON CAGE, Quest for Shifter Magic 1

Melle Amade Shifter Magic Quest 1

When you chose to be a hunter, make sure you know what you’re hunting.

Agi was born into a sheltered life of privilege, safe from the rest of the world and barricaded off from the 1970s that are raging all over Europe. She is expected to tow the line, fulfill the family demands, and answer to the Order. It’s the last thing in the world Agi wants to do. She finds freedom in the hunt and dreams of rebelling against the strict rules that seal her fate.

Agi’s days of hiding with her dogs and embarking on hunts are over when the Order arrives for the Matching ceremony, where Agi will be betrothed to the Heir of the Van Arend High Seat. But, when Agi uncovers dire facts the Order has been hiding she must choose between fulfilling the destiny she was raised for or breaking out of her iron cage forever.

Book 1 in the highly anticipated Quest for Shifter Magic series, a spin-off of the bestselling Shifter Chronicle series. Note: you do NOT have to read Sanctuary first. This novella tells about the trials of a different generation.

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RAVENSGAARD QUEEN, Quest for Shifter Magic 2

Releasing May 2017