RAVENSGAARD QUEEN, Quest for Shifter Magic 0

Raised in the dark makes it nearly impossible to step into the light.

Abandon at birth Davin lives on the outskirts of Dublin in the 70s, a soldier among soldiers battling the Hunters within a ragtag group of Ravensgaard warriorsuntil they are all but slaughtered by a devastating hit.
Davin seeks refuge in Castle Brannach with the patriarch of the Ravensgaard, Quinlan Murtagh, only to discover that his self-righteousness and entitlement is weaving destruction against their own people.
As Davin uncovers the profound deceit with which Murtagh rules, she vows to overthrow him; a challenge she could surely meet… if she hadn’t fallen head over heels in love with Murtagh’s eldest son, Riordan.

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