Myths and Magic: The Science Fiction and Fantasy Box Set of the Summer!

Myths and Magic: The Science Fiction and Fantasy Box Set of the Summer!

Writing Science Fiction with my BFF!

Michael Trozzo is an amazing writer/director who I met in film school when I was doing my MFA. He’s got mad chops and a wonderful tone. Seriously… you’re going to love this book.

Here’s how it happened: last December we’re fulfilling our annual tradition of watching the holiday scifi blockbuster, which falls on his birthday. In this case… Rebel One. I leaned over and said, “We gotta write a Space Opera!”

And Michael said, “Yeah!”

Those words might read a little ‘eh’ on your computer, but imagine them shouted in a darkened theatre while two Star Destroyers of the Imperial Fleet crash into each other.

Well, this is how “I Am Human” was born.

Turns out it’s not quite space opera. It’s more like “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” meets “Terminator.” [Read more…]

Gypsies After Dark Box Set Available for Pre-Order

Gypsies After Dark Box Set Available for Pre-Order

I’m super excited to announce my contribution to my very first box set, the very alluring Gypsies After Dark. I was so inspired when I saw Rebecca Hamilton’s announcement about this set, that I had to throw my hat in the ring. I dusted off one of my other manuscripts (there are a ton in my computer!) and did some heavy and exciting editing on it and was thrilled to be accepted to place it next to these other author’s exclusive, brand new books!

I’ll be providing a more detailed look at this new series over the coming months, but rest assured it’s set in the Shifter Chronicles world, but focuses on a whole different part of the universe… in Italy! =)

Gypsies After Dark is due to release June 20th and was made available for pre-order last week.

Gypsies After Dark

[Read more…]

Download Free Shapeshifter YA Fantasy Novel Part One

Download Free Shapeshifter YA Fantasy Novel Part One

Debut YA Dark Urban Fantasy Novel, Sanctuary, Available from Instafreebie

No time like the present.

Fire. Ready. Aim.

Just do it. (I probably should credit Nike with that. They’ve no doubt trademarked it.)

Insert other cheery motivational slogan that gets you going, here. =)

This is not the easiest thing for me. I was the girl in film class who sat in the back with my head under the desk when my films were shown. I lay cringing on the floor (literally), spotting all the mistakes, when my thesis film was shown to 50+ of my closest friends and family. [Read more…]

Viking Research

A great deal of my focus as a writer is in research, which helps make the world inside my head believable. With Sanctuary it was about researching myths and legends of shape shifters, with Guardianship it’s medieval Italy, but with Bravyn… it’s Vikings! (Insert scary Viking yell when they are charging you with sword drawn! It isn’t “Arrrgggghhhh!” cuz we all know that’s a pirate, but sometimes that’s what it sounds like in my head.)

Here’s one of the great articles I’ve been reading from the History channel, which has also become obsessed in recent years over Vikings.

“Unique Tomb Found in Denmark Contains Remains of Viking Power Couple”