Be Immortalized as a Shifter in my Next Book!

Be Immortalized as a Shifter in my Next Book!

Picture yourself as a character in a YA Dark Urban Fantasy!

We love to read and escape into a fantasy world… fall into characters lives and emotions; live out their trials and passions with them. But, what if you actually could be one of those characters? What if you could be in a book? Well, now you can be!

There are multiple ways to gain multiple entries in the competition.

  • 1 entry – Download Sanctuary Part 1 (free on Instafreebie) (If you have done this and have not unsubscribed, you automatically have one entry.)
  • 1 entry – Click the link below, answer the question, and enter your email address.
  • 3 entries per referral – After entering for yourself, you will be shown a page where you can share this giveaway across multiple platforms. You will get 3 more entries for every friend you refer.


I can’t wait to see who wins this giveaway and who my new character will be!
 Thank you so much for being part of the Shifter Chronicles story.
1,000 YA Book Downloads in 10 days!

1,000 YA Book Downloads in 10 days!

Diving into the Indie Book Market Face First

I am sick and ecstatic today, all at the same time.

What that looks like is I woke up at 4am coughing and singing Bruno Mars. I hacked and shimmied all the way to my jeep as I headed into the office at 5am. “Make a dragon want to retire, man.”

A little over a month ago I decided to take the plunge into self-publishing with no idea what that would look like. But, having written my whole life, had critique groups, professional editors, and a year of rejections… I knew it was time, time to just put it out there. [Read more…]

Download Free Shapeshifter YA Fantasy Novel Part One

Download Free Shapeshifter YA Fantasy Novel Part One

Debut YA Dark Urban Fantasy Novel, Sanctuary, Available from Instafreebie

No time like the present.

Fire. Ready. Aim.

Just do it. (I probably should credit Nike with that. They’ve no doubt trademarked it.)

Insert other cheery motivational slogan that gets you going, here. =)

This is not the easiest thing for me. I was the girl in film class who sat in the back with my head under the desk when my films were shown. I lay cringing on the floor (literally), spotting all the mistakes, when my thesis film was shown to 50+ of my closest friends and family. [Read more…]