Deluge, Shifter Chronicles Book 4

Lifelong dream fulfilled today…


As a kid I read a TON of fantasy series. Like the long ones with 14+ books if I could get them. My dream was never just to be a writer or even an author. My dream was to be a prolific author of fantasy. To write at least one if not more series.

Today I published Book 4 in my Shifter Chronicles series. I had no idea eleven months ago there were even more books in this series beyond Sanctuary. Now, I have uncovered, discovered and explored a world that is being described as “A shifter world like no other.”

If I’m a little emotional when you connect with me over the next few days. It’ll be because I’m slowly exhaling all the stuff. <3


I would LOVE to hear what that is and what your ideas are about completing it.

P.S. Here’s the book that made my world complete. <3

DELUGE, Shifter Chronicles Book 4

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First comes the rain, then follows the flood.

Escaping the Order by engaging the Hunters was only the beginning. Now, with their safe haven destroyed Shae and Roman are left hiding in a remote village with no chance of ever finding her father or making a difference in the shifter world. That is, until a strange Hunter seeks Shae out and gives her hope she can find her father and possibly the tool to locate El Oso.

They risk everything to return to Topanga and reunite with their friends, who are the only ones who might just believe Shae’s adamant theory that one of the murderous Hunters is actually on their side. As they test loyalty and strength they uncover the very power that has made the Hunters mortal enemies to the shifters for over a thousand years. Their new-found power is a beacon to the Order and the Hunters, who descend like a flood to drown out the spark of light rising in the shifter world.

Grab your copy now and join me for another one of Shae’s amazing adventures with her trusted friends! <3