All The Things That Distract Me From Writing

I once knew a painter who had the cleanest rain gutters on the street. It seemed like not a leaf did fall that she wasn’t up on her ladder pulling them out.

She got very little painting done.

Fortunately for her, that wasn’t her livelihood. Though, if it had been, maybe her gutters would have been a little more messy and her painting a little more prolific.

I have not yet been paid to write novels, yet I have written five (so far). I write in my ‘spare time’. With a family and a business career, well… spare time is around 9pm. And sometimes I’m too exhausted for any of that.

Honestly, I keep juggling it. Sometimes I write during my lunch break. Sometimes I steal away on a Saturday and write. Sometimes I write via dictation on my commute. I try not to let writing get in the way of my family or my family get in the way of my writing.

It’s definitely a balancing act.